Discretionary Investment Management Service - Our discretionary investment management service is ideal for clients wishing to entrust their assets to professional money managers, giving them peace of mind that their wealth is in good hands. We work with well-established investment managers to provide a selection of mandates depending on the individual strategy, attitude to risk and long-term goals. Investment specialists continuously monitor market developments. Naturally, all changes are made in line with the previously agreed investment strategy.


Advisory Investment Service - Our advisory investment service is suited to clients who have an interest in capital markets, evaluating economic & company research and making investment decisions, whilst still having support from investment specialists throughout the entire investment process. In essence, clients retain direct control of the portfolio while receiving professional opinions on their investment ideas, as well as benefitting from a wide-range of investment research and recommendations.


Lending Solutions - Given the relationships that we have with custodian banks, clients are able to access various lending solutions including real estate finance, Lombard loans, Aviation and Yacht finance.


Specialist Investment Solutions - We provide our clients with access to specialists who analyse, advise, structure, execute and monitor transactions by leveraging various platforms across the Stenham/Peregrine Group as well as approved third parties. These opportunities range from mezzanine finance to wealth structuring.